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When we talk about Asian male models, we are talking about men with very different traits to what we are used to in Europe.

Clean and beautiful faces, little hair and a skin with extreme softness.


All this gives them a special touch that delights the most demanding instagram followers.

It is not easy to identify the 10 most beautiful male models in Asia; moreover, their profiles are not very well known in the rest of the world.

If we had to make a selection, we would opt for the list below.

This is the best representation of male beauty that you can find in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, or Thailand.

You'll find that, unlike what we Europeans believe, not all Asians look alike. And you'll see how good the mixture of genes and crossbreeding is.

Shawn Yue

Model, singer and actor born in Hong Kong. At 37 years old, she is still a good example of Asian beauty; the passage of time has not made a dent in her youthful face.

You will be able to see it in many series of the Chinese television, as well as starring in spots of the main multinationals. Undoubtedly, one of the best known male faces of the Asian giant.

Pakho Chau

Another adult of the 1984 generation born and raised in Hong Kong. Although he has developed most of his career in the world of music, he has also served as an actor and advertising model.

Throughout his career he has achieved several international recognitions for his musical career.

James Ma

At 25 years old, this Thai model and actor embodies the beauty of mestizaje that you can find in Asian models.

Mixture of Thai father and Chinese mother, if you connect to his instagram account, with more than 800,000 followers, you will be hooked to the mischievousness of his photos.

James Jirayu Tangsrisuk

Another good example of Thai beauty; TV presenter, actor, singer and model.

Even if he doesn't rush into instagram, it's worth taking a look at his gestures in close-up photographs and his way of playing with the camera.

Mick Tonraya

Viva el mestizaje! This is a clear example of the result of mixing European and Asian genes.

Danish father and Thai mother. This presenter and model is one of the most popular faces of his country. When will we discover Mick in the rest of the world!

Chuando Tan

Chuando Tan is one of the most recognized models of Singapore, and of the Asian continent in general; at 50 years old, he still keeps some enviable abdominals and a captivating look. He defies the laws of genetics and aging with his sculptural body.

The more than one million followers of his instagram account (@chuando_chuandoandfrey) enjoy it daily.

Aristote T

Once again in Singapore, we find Aristote T, a male model with a teenage touch who has worked for the main international urban fashion brands.

Kanata Hongo

Actor and model, he is a teen idol in Japan; he embodies the beauty of the Japanese otaku; he is the typical face that looks like taken from a manga comic.

Complemented with her hair cut to the back, which gives her an irresistible out of bed look.

Daisuke Ueda

At 31, this Japanese model has the honor of being the first male model to appear in the Asian version of Vogue.

We still remember his insinuating photographs for the Gap and Dolce & Gabbana campaigns.

Terada Takuya

Coming out of a Korean boys' band, the fame of this Japanese model is evident all over Asia.

We can't wait for him to get his act together on social networks; he's just released his instagram account, and we're already looking forward to enjoying his pictures to the fullest; we want more of the style he did for Vogue Girl.