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Body to Body Massage

Do you know what nuru massage is?

Nuru massage is, without a doubt, one of the most in demand modalities of erotic massage.

It is also known as body to body massage; with it you will be able to enjoy all the parts of the body of our massage models.

The degree of excitement reached by the person receiving the nuru massage is difficult to explain if you have not previously experienced it.

We are going to try to satisfy your curiosity; we tell you all about nuru massage; we are convinced that you are going to want to try it with one of our girls, or if you prefer, with our male masseurs.

What is nuru massage?

Originally from Japan, the nuru massage is one in which the masseur uses her whole body to massage the body of the receiver of the massage.

The term nuru is a Japanese word that means "slippery"; but don't think of something viscous; rather, it is something soft; very soft. Read on if you want to know why.

The secret is that our tantra massage models will use a special lubricating gel that smears on your body, giving it a special shine and softness.

The simple fact of observing how this process is done is in itself a tremendously exciting fact, although now comes the best.

Before starting the actual massage, the masseur will spread the gel over your naked body.

How is a nuru massage performed?

Once both of you are ready and smeared with gel, the masseuse will begin to make sliding movements on the body of the receiver of the massage.

Torsions, pressures, and movements made by the masseur will travel all over your body.

What is sought with a nuru massage is the greatest possible physical contact between the masseuse and the recipient of the massage, so the degree of excitement of the different erogenous zones is very high.

In the nuru massage, moreover, you are not going to remain I want to see how the masseur does all the work; as the receiver of the massage, you are going to play a fundamental and active role.

Massage and massage are on an equal footing, which gives a level of excitement rarely achieved with other techniques in which the recipient is a passive entity.

Unlike other erotic massages, the massage is not a spectator at the mercy of the masseur, in a massage nuru must follow the directions, changing posture, and making the movements whispered. It very important for a masseuse to do tantric courses in a school of tantra like Sanango, to become a professional massage therapist

The interaction is greater, and the sensation of warm, soft, slippery skin can bring you to a climax at any time.

Don't worry, your masseur will know what to do to give continuity to the experience.

Surely you are already beginning to fantasize about the degree of excitement of this massage.

Of course, the nuru massage is not a pleasure reserved only for men with female masseuses. The nuru massage can be received by people of both sexes and any kind of sexual orientation.

In order to ensure maximum hygiene, as well as adequate complicity between our masseurs and the recipient of the massage, it is recommended to start the nuru massage session with a shower.

All this makes the nuru massage a unique sensory experience in every sense.