Blue Flower

The best erotic massages at your disposal. Performed by professional hands, with training and experience. We have female and male models accustomed to the most demanding services.

Avoid the classic and vulgar massage with sex, and enter the world of luxury massage. Although you may not be clear about all the variety of massages you can enjoy.

If you don't know what experience to stay with, we will give you a summary of what you can find in each of them.


Erotic massage, by definition, is a practice focused on relaxation and the sensuality of the recipient.

If it is also performed by one of our model masseurs, the degree of excitement can become much higher.

The experience of our masseurs will make erotic massage a unique sensitive experience. They will focus on your physical reactions, and will always seek the excitement of your erogenous zones.

Tantric massages

If you are looking for something more spiritual, tantric massage can become your cup of tea.

With the same implication on the part of our elegant masseur models, but with a different result.

Through tantric massage, in addition to a physical experience, you will enjoy a recharge of energy that will last for days.

You can't imagine how pleasurable a massage in your erogenous zones can be performed by expert hands that will take you to the edge of ejaculation.

It will channel all the sexual energy that accumulates prior to the explosion, and distribute it throughout your body.

Calm; you will get that happy ending massage so desired, but you will experience a path full of sensations close to the climax.

Lingam Massage

Within tantric massage, our girls are experts in massage focused on the male genitals, also known by its sacred name, Lingam massage.

Our masseurs will treat your sexual organs as a temple to be cared for while exploring it. Together you will discover their most hidden secrets.

We recommend to visit to see professional tantric masseuses, authentic experts doing lingam massage in Palma de Mallorca.

Yoni massage

We reserve our best male masseuses for those women who dare to go beyond traditional erotic massage.

Yoni massage is a tantric massage specialty that focuses on the pursuit of greater female pleasure, focused on stimulation of the clitoris and vagina.

With Yoni massage you can experience multiple orgasms in a single session. You will be exhausted and relaxed.

But the most important thing: you will forget everything thanks to the treatment and education of our masseur boys.

Massage for couples

And for all those couples who are accomplices and sure of their sexuality, we have the most daring proposal: to share sensations and masseuse with an erotic massage for couples.

You will love to see how a model accompanies your partner to the climax through a ritual lingam or yoni. Think that then it's up to you.

You can't imagine how these experiences improve confidence and subsequent relationships with your partner.

And if you don't want to wait, you can always enjoy a couple of masseurs to enjoy at the same time. Check more types of sexual massage on and sensual therapists.

Gay Massage

We have male masseurs specialized in male to male massages.

When a man performs an erotic massage on another man, the results are spectacular.

A man knows how a man's skin reacts, he knows how his erogenous zones respond, and most importantly, he knows how to excite them so that the process lasts until you can't take more pleasure.

If we incorporate to this the technique to practice an anal massage, the degree of satisfaction of the one who receives the massage multiplies up to unsuspected limits.

The excitation of the perineum and the prostatic massage directly affect the male G-spot, also known as the P-spot.

If you didn't even know it existed, you shouldn't miss the opportunity for a luxury masseuse to help you discover it.