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Erotic massage models

You already know what type of massage you need, and you are determined to enjoy the elegance and sensuality of our environment.

It only remains for you to decide which of our massage models you want to enjoy. Each of them can offer you different sensory experiences.

Their training, experience and style will stimulate the senses, exploring every corner of your body.

Their know how and elegance, will make you feel comfortable at all times.

We introduce you to our goddesses. Which one are you going to stay with?

Laura Massage Model

london tantra workshops

Laura and the massages is something almost genetic; since she was very young she has had a clear vocation, and she has never stopped training in the best techniques of erotic and sensual massage.

Her years of experience have contributed to firm and strong hands that will not hesitate to work on your body.

She has specialized in tantric massages, being a true connoisseur of the excitement of lingam and yoni; she is capable of taking men and women to the seventh heaven.

And what she likes the most is to collaborate with a male masseur or with a partner to make you and your partner enjoy yourself.

Sensual Masseuse Pink

Rosa likes to use her whole body to take you to the maximum relaxation; you will know the physical and mental well-being, through Nuru body to body massage techniques.

If Rosa is a specialist in something, it is to excite your G-spot; she will discover it whether you are a woman or a man. You will reach ejaculation at any moment; Rosa is used to provoking female ejaculations.

But you can rest assured, she won't stop; she will continue to make you enjoy until the end of the session.

Karina, Tantric Masseuse

Coming from Russia, but hot as the hottest Andalusian. Voluptuous blonde with light skin and extreme softness.

She is able to provoke maximum levels of excitement with just her look.

Accustomed to practicing lingam massage in the most luxurious environments, she won't let you down.

London model Carmen

Discreet and elegant, Carmen has left the London metropolis and has come to Spain to share all the experience acquired in the City.

Carmen's is pure sensory excitement; she will prepare the environment like no other, making you feel special from the very first moment.

If you prefer to receive her at your hotel, no one will know who just snuck into your room.

Feel the best experience of the erotic oriental massage from Carmen's hand.

Male Massage Models

Our male massage models will take you to the absolute climax.

Discreet, elegant, communicative, understanding and involved. Whether you are a woman, or if you prefer a massage man to man, you only have to select who you want to accompany you on the path of pleasure of a luxurious erotic massage.

Gerard women's massage model

Gerard is an expert in women's bodies; he has extensive experience in the main European capitals, and in the most exclusive vacation spots.

Whoever tries a Gerard yoni massage, ends up repeating; no one is going to treat your sex with the same dedication and implication that he does. Many women have discovered sensations they did not know, and have learned the multiorgasm thanks to their know-how.

Gerard only gives luxury massages to women who are willing to leave their usual comfort zone and go far beyond pleasure.

Mario bisexual massage model

Mario is able to transmit his great energy in every pressure he puts on your body. Mario is bisexual, so if you're looking for a luxurious gay massage, Mario is your man.

Trust him and his experience. One of his favorite practices is to be accompanied by an erotic female masseuse to massage you and your partner. You choose who goes with who, even if you want to change in the middle of the session.

Gay Christian Lingam Masseuse

Cristian dominates gay massage from beginning to end; lingam massage has no secrets for him.

He also goes out to your home or hotel room; why settle for a cold hotel room when you can fill it with his spectacular presence?

Gay Rob Massage

Discover your G-spot through prostate massage; Rob is the best at helping you explore the limits of male pleasure.

He has trained over the years and performs anal massage like no one else. But what he likes is to work with his whole body; he combines his movements with lingam massage techniques that will take you to absolute ecstasy,